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Name: Federica Saglani Panayiotiakis
Date: 9/14/17 re: Athens Square Park/Greek performance
Comments: Thank you for the spectacular performance. It was melodic par excellence in the most precious space Athens Square. Thanks to Mr. Delis, organizers and you the musicians. My friends and I had a blast and we were able to relive precious moments like in a Greek agora. Your rendition of Myserlou was mesmerizing...Lots of luck with future ventures.

Name: Sydney Gozzi
Date: 5/3/17 re: Baystate Celebration of Life Memorial
Comments: The time,care and attention to detail she (Julie) provided to bring comfort to grieving families was exceptional. The songs she carefully selected were meaningful and her voice was absolutely beautiful! We would hire her again.

Name: Roanne Patterson
Date: 5/15/16 re: recital, Friends of Middletown Thrall Library concert series
Comments: This was the best. Oh how I love the songs. Life is good with this magic at our fingertips. Bravissimo to my performer friends!

Name: Joan R.
Date: 5/15/16 re: recital, Friends of Middletown Thrall Library concert series
Comments:  Thank you so much, Julie and Ken and all!  I really loved the concert! – Such high-level performance – It was a special pleasure to attend. 
I have to say I really love the quality of Julie’s voice and singing – It’s so sweet and mellow and sultry and touching.  I thought the classic standard-pop-jazz pieces were especially good – especially with Steve’s (Margoshes') superb accompaniment.  – and I feel that Julie’s voice is so ideal for singing them.  I love the sultry, gentle, “suave” quality she has!  Of course I also loved the Irish song and Granada and the Greek song.  These are lovely works and they are so well done by you folks. I also adored Steve’s Rag piece – God Dog Rag - Talk about superb!!  Truly brilliant!!!  Thrilling!! 

Name: Roanne P.
Date: 5/15/16 re: recital, Friends of Middletown Thrall Library concert series,
Comments:  This was the best. Oh how I love the songs. Life is good with this magic at our fingertips. Bravissimo to my performer friends!

Name: Dr. James Cotter, Times Herald Record
Date: 4/03/16 re: "The Compeat Julie", Grand Montgomery Chamber Music Series, NY
Comments:  You gave a splendid performance, as always.

Name: Elaine H.
Date: 4/03/16 re: "The Compeat Julie", Grand Montgomery Chamber Music Series, NY
Comments:  We had such a great time at the concert on Sunday! You definitely were in your realm. Every detail down to perfection...your voice, program selections and stage presence. You couldn't have chosen a better musician than Steve to compliment your venue (as well as the two fabulous guest artists, Ada and Ken)!  Bravo!!! I especially loved S'agapo and Doug liked Lorca's Spanish folk songs. Ada's "The Moon is Hiding" is a favorite of mine. Ken's two songs go without saying that they are "classic". Two very well thought out pieces that we can all relate to!

Name: Connie D., jazz vocalist
Date: 11/07/15 re: "A Greek Musical Odyssey with Julie Ziavras", Chelmsford, MA
Comments:  I just wanted to tell you that your performance  on sat. was incredible; not just the beautiful vocals[very versatile] but also, your presentation, stage presence, the journey that you take your audience on through song; such a gift; I enjoyed talking with you ,afterwards; you are very "down to earth" thank you , for sharing your gift with others & -FANTASTIC BAND

Name: Lorraine, WTBQ Tuesday Roundtable
Date: 11/08/15 re: "Chris Farlekas Tribute Concert"
Comments: I really enjoyed the show yesterday and you were fabulous! Well done! and a fitting tribute. I will talk about the show tomorrow on the air!!! Well done! and a fitting tribute.

What a glorious tribute to Chris.  The entertainment and presentation was wonderful with great artists and class.   You looked beautiful and your singing is amazing and I still get chills when I hear your amazing voice.

Tim and I both thought all performances were spectacular.  However, your love of the man was demonstrated time and time again.  I am sure you feel that all that work was appreciated by the hundreds present. I met Chris when I volunteered for the People for People Fund.  He would stop by and read the applications over our shoulders.  He always expressed such concern for those in need.  He was also there to recognize all of us who finished radiation treatment at our luncheon. No one can doubt how much love and admiration was demonstrated yesterday afternoon.

Name: Kitty, Unsion Center for Arts
Date: 10/27/12 re: "A Taste of Greece: OXI Day Celebration with Julie Ziavras"
Comments: Thank you all so much for making last night's concert such a resounding success! I can't tell you how many people came up to me during the course of the evening saying what a wonderful time they were having.  They were absolutely knocked out by the quality of Julie's voice and selections, Kostas's mastery of the bouzouki, and Bill & Livia's enthusiasm for getting everyone up and dancing.  It was truly a "Unison" evening, combining talented artistry and the spirit of community.  Thanks from everyone at Unison!

Name: Helen
Date: 10/6/12 re: "A Greek Musical Odyssey"
Comments: Your performance was beautiful;  your singing was superb.  I enjoyed your introduction to each song and the historical background you presented.  I don't know if you remember me, but I have been to several of your concerts.

Name: C. Drinnan
Date: 7/5/12 re: "Greek Live"
Comments: ...we do look forward to seeing you again at St. Alban's on November 11th - that is "set in stone" on my calendar!! As I am writing this I am listening to your "Live Greek" album.  Your voice is a gift to the world from God, as are the talents of your fellow musicians.

Name: Judy Hamer
Date: 5/14/11 re: "Ken and Julie at the JFHF"
Comments: What a fantastic evening. The walls resonated with the beautiful lyrical quality of Julie’s voice along with the “smooth and velvety” quality of Ken’s voice. Most of the songs they sang were written by Ken. He writes largely about his life experiences and each song has a story to tell. Their songs were heartfelt, sensitive, poetic and at times haunting. In contrast, some of their other songs were humorous and whimsical.  Their extraordinary talent was evident throughout the evening.  To further enhance the evening, Rabbi Johanan Bickhardt joined Julie and Ken for some of their songs.   

Name: Jen Parker
Date: 1/22/10 re: "The Dream"
Comments: CD Baby delivered "The Dream" to me last evening, and I listened far into the night. I wish I were more articulate in  my opinion, but it was touching and beautiful and makes me very happy! Thank you both for such lovely music.  

Name: Adam and Christina 
Date: 11/20/09 re: Wedding ceremony at St. Anastasia, Harriman, NY
Comments: Adam and I just wanted to thank you so much for helping make our ceremony perfect.  You have a truly amazing voice.  Everyone at the ceremony could not stop talking about how beautiful your voice was and how heartfelt the singing was.
     Once again thank you so much!

Name: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss
Date: 8/7/09 re: "La Boheme", Julie as Mimi
Comments: I was at last night's performance of La Boheme at Sullivan County College.  Ms. Ziavras, you were electrifying, and a real standout.  Star quality. 

Name: Milt Snitzer
Date: Posted at CDBaby re: Ken and Julie's CD "The Dream"
Comments: Wonderful album! Every one of the songs is a gem and we have listened to them over and over. Ordered an extra copy for my daughter and husband who would love to listen to them.

Name: Eric Benjamin Gordon
Date: Posted at CDBaby re: Ken and Julie's CD "The Dream"
Comments: A wonderful album showcasing the gifts from two of the best in Orange County.
When first I heard Ken DeAngelis and Julie Ziavrus, they weren't yet Ken and Julie. That was in March of 2000 at Pine Bush Coffee House, when I was treated to Julie's pretty rendition of "Kathy's Song" by Simon & Garfunkel, along with Ken singing "Falling Star" and "Hanging On to Every Word" (both included on this breathtaking CD). Nine months later, in much the same location, I was introduced to the sound of both of them singing (what turned out to be) the title song from "The Dream." Somehow, a part of me wanted to buy this CD right then, in December of 2000. I knew that Ken and Julie had found a home, both in each other's music and each other's lives. When this CD was first made available in May of 2005, I was over the moon; I'd longed for a perfect example of Julie's voice, Ken's songs and the carillons that ring from the guitars in their hands. Not only does "The Dream" represent those things, but it also seems to express half-a-lifetime of experiences in one sussinct instance. Few can make such aa achievement, but Ken and Julie have. "I'm hanging on to every word you've said."

Name: Sharon Seekamp
Date: 5/22/09 re: "The Many Splendored Songs of Sammy Fain"
Comments: I enjoyed your performance in Jeffersonville very much... The music content was great and , while I did not expect to react this way, your "Love Is A Many Splendid Thing" brought me to tears. It always amazes me when I am transformed by a piece ......

Name: Sophia James
Date: 5/17/09 re: Hellenic Music Foundation "Mousikes Anamnisis"
Comments: You were thrilling to hear yesterday – my friend and I think it is worth a long trip to hear you do Boheme... just wanted you to know my friend also loved the voices, especially yours, and she is a frequent concert and opera aficionado she may come with me to Boheme.

Name: Marc Lambert, Puffin Foundation Cultural Forum
Date: 3/4/09 re: "I Have a Dream" concert Julie Ziavras & Steve Margoshes
Comments: It was wonderful to have you here. The performance was terrific and the audience was inspired. I got a lot of appreciation for bringing you here. A few of us agreed that the second half of the concert was the strongest in terms of both how you personally connected to, and emotionally conveyed, that repertoire and that it seemed the more natural material for your particular vocal range. The Greek work and Joan Baez was the most exceptional as it felt like something truly elevated and special was coming from you.

Name: Maria
Date: Posted at CDBaby re: Julie's Greek CD "Simply Mavroudis"
Comments: Awesome music! Incredible voice of Julie Ziavras! A hidden gem was this cd that I was lucky to find by chance. Of course I am familiar with the music of Mavroudis which I collect, but on this cd the awesome surprise was the collaboration of his music with Julie's incredible voice. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

Name: Jon Stein, WTBQ, (Sunday's, 8 PM) re: Ken and Julie's CD "The Dream"
Date: 3/4/09 www.talentconnections.com/piano
Comments: I love the CD....You guys have a beautiful sound and your songs are wonderful...I will definitely playing more from the CD and would love you guys to come on my show....you two really do sound awesome together. That song, The Dream, really should be shopped around.  I think it is very marketable.

Name: Barry Plaxen/ Managing Editor, Delaware & Hudson CANVAS
Date: 8/3/08 Re: Julie as Donna Anna in Don Giovanni with the Delaware Valley Opera
Tusten Theatre, Narrowsburg, NY
Comments: I congratulate you.  You did some Donna Anna acting that I have never seen anyone do as well.  That is not to take away from your wonderful singing.

Name: Bob Campbell
Date: 8/3/08 Re: Julie as Donna Anna in Don Giovanni with the Delaware Valley Opera
Tusten Theatre, Narrowsburg, NY
Comments: Wonderful, fantastic, tremendous, bravo. You made the part of Donna Anna yours. You sung and acted it perfectly. Congratulations. This was an exciting proformance. It is hard to believe this is a little local opera company. There no weakness in the cast. WOW, what a production. Loved it!

Name: Jeanne Paff/ Newburgh Symphony board
Date: 5/4/08 Re: Recital for Grand Montgomery Chamber Music Series w/Steve Margoshes
Comments: The thanks go to you and Steve---the concert was absolute perfection. Thank you two!!!

Name: Bob Campbell, Re: Folk and International Concert
Date: 3/29/08
Comments: Julie, I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the concert Saturday night. I loved how you and Johanan mainly sang solos,  but supporting each other so you got a chance to use your voice to full advantage. You reach for the stars and soar right past them. It was Julie at her best. The rest were great too. The chocolate cake also was marvolus.

Name: Helen Lipson & Milt Snitzer, Re: Julie's international folk concert
Date: 2/27/08
Comments: Just wanted to thank you again for meeting you and hearing the wonderful music in Long Beach temple last Sunday (Feb. 24).  We wrote to Nancy Cohen (Helen's niece)  to thank her for telling us about the concert. 
Helen and I have been listening to your new CD and following the words in the liner notes.  We are so enjoying the songs and think that every one of them is wonderful.

Name: R. Steffas, Re: Julie's Greek cruise
Date: 2/22/08
Comments: You sing like a poulaki!  You also sound like Nana Mouskouri - I'm sure you have been told that.

I'm so sorry I didn't take the time to introduce myself to you on the cruise - although we had 20 from Cleveland, some did not always appear because of our dinner time. I, personally, not only  enjoyed your singing but enjoyed dancing  as well. I look forward to hearing you sing again. Thank you.

Name: Katia Zallas, President, Hellic Music Foundation
Date: 11/18/07 Re: Julie's concert with Serafim Lazos
Comments: I want to congratulate you and Lazo for the wonderful concert at Stathakion last Sunday.
It was a great pleasure listening to both of you interpret all those beautiful Greek songs.
Yesterday I finished listening to your entire CD.  Your voice is so wonderful.  So warm and so musical.  You have a BEAUTIFUL voice Julie and you should do more CD's so that people can enjoy this beautiful talent of yours every single day.  Of course more concerts too.
Again congratulations.  It is a pleasure to listen to your singing.

Name: Christine Tyler
Date: 8/04/07 Re: Julie's performance of La Perichole with The Delaware Valley Opera
Comments: Your show and performance were delightful!!! I was happy just to hear your voice, which is beautiful and refreshing. It's a great story, and I thought you all did a wonderful job! Honestly, you are very talented, and deserve every success you attempt. I could see you at the Met, or anywhere you see for yourself. You have a genuine stage presence, like you're really into the role, and there "for the role" not just for the performance. I hope your final performance will be just as great, if not greater!
I look forward to future performances. Brava! Brava! Bravi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A devoted fan and friend,

Name: L. Dotson, Re: Julie's performance of La Perichole with The Delaware Valley Opera
Date: 7/29/07
Comments: It was loads of fun, glad we went, and Narrowsburg is a treasure.

Name: Anatoly Ionesov, Director, International Museum of Peace and Solidarity, Republic of Uzbekistan, http://www.civilsoc.org/nisorgs/uzbek/peacemsm.htm
Date: 7/11/07 Re: By request, The Dream" is part of the Museum's distinguished Peace Autograph Project collection
Comments: Thank you very much for your most welcome echo and enclosed autographed CD (with lovely songs of yours!) which have JUST reached us in good shape. As for our Peace Autograph Collection, it is growing and progressing continually. Hundreds of entries have been collected so far from an array of prominent men and women of achievement from around the world. Envisioned is a library of inscribed photographs, autographed books, musical collections, personal messages, artwork, archives of memorabilia etc.
Take care, keep smiling and creating for very many years to come. See you one day here in 2750-year-old Samarkand, "Rome of the East".

Best thoughts and good wishes,
Anatoly Ionesov

Name: Indie Productions www.Indiepro.com
Comments: IndiePro Comments: Ken and Julie offer acoustic folk with engaging musical composition, and sincere, heartfelt lyrics delivered with sensitivity. Reminiscent of the musical stylings of Peter, Paul & Mary, Harry Chapin, and Simon and Garfunkel. http://www.indiepro.com/2006/11/03/ken-julie-the-eclectic-folk-project-the-dream/

Name: Dian Francesca Cuccinello, Producer/Manager for Union Hall Coffeehouse, Carlisle, MA www.unionhallcoffeehouse.com
Date: 4/9/07
Comments: We've just met over the phone.  I've been listening to Great  Neck Farewell, and I must say that I think you have one of the most  beautiful voices I have ever heard, anywhere.  Union Hall  Coffeehouse, here in Carlisle MA will be just thrilled, AND honored  to have you and Ken performing for us in October of `07.  Ciao for  now!  Dian Francesca Cuccinello, Producer/Manager for Union Hall.

Name: Barbara Navarro
Date: 2/12/07
Comments: It was so wonderful to hear you and Ken sing at Howland Culture Center such well selected songs for Black History Month.  You both outdid yourselves (as usual) bringing tears to my eyes with the words, their meaning and your voices in such great harmony.  What amazes me is that you never cease to amaze me!!!!!!!!  Wow - it was wonderful.

Name: Amy Ober
Date: 1/22/07
Comments: The song "Great Neck Farewell" - and Julie singing it - are, for me, among the ten greatest beauties I've encountered on the planet - in the company of such wonders as the Napali Coast in Kauai.  I REALLY love Ken's songs and hearing both of you sing them.

Name: Mark Apache Rose Publishing, Inc/ apacherose.net
Date: 11/21/06 re: Civil Defense Drill for Watchin' Out for Folk - Various Artists, a compilation CD featuring outstanding Folk music from around the world.
Hey, I really like this song!  We are going to be listening through songs from now on into January but I have moved this one into my favorites folder and I want to see how it will fit in with the others. We'll get back with you as we narrow down the final cuts and get closer to production of the disks and work out the details.

Name: Celia Milton www.celiamilton.com  Creating ceremonies for the celebrations of life
Date: 10/22/06 re: JMH Dull Productions/ House Concert
Comments: thank you for your wonderful songs and singing at the Dull's today! (although I hate to admit that I'm old enough to remember the civil defense drills)..... your songs about loss and the challenges of illness were especially touching.  I'm going to forward your site on to a group of my colleagues, all of whom write and perform ceremonies of all sorts; weddings, healing, memorials, baby namings.  I think they'll find your music and lyrics inspiring and useful in their work.
Best of luck with the new CD and all your creative pursuits,

Name: Nancy Proyect, President, Orange County Citizens Foundation
Date: 9/19/06 re: CD "The Dream" and concert 9/17/06 Orange County Citizens Foundation
Comments: Thank you so much for the wonderful performance on Sunday... I have already enjoyed your CD and as soon as we have some time, I’m going to make my kids listen too. I think they would love Ken’s song about the wolves and a few others. He has a gift and you two make a great team. Thanks again, Nancy

Name: Efrosine re:review of Julie's Greek CD "Simply Mavroudis" on CdBaby
Comments:***** Outstanding music with an incredible vocal by Julie Ziavras
If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. I had never heard of Julie Ziavras and just fell into this CD by accident. What an incredible voice she has and the music as lovely as could be. This CD is being recommended to all of my friends who are interested in quality. BRAVO!!!! Efrosine

Name: Barry Adelman, Music for Humanity, re: review of CD "The Dream"
Date: 8/17/06
Comments: Congratulations on the wonderful review of your CD on www.cdreviews.com. It rings true to me, but I would take exception to the comment about The Ballad of Clancy McGee which has a wonderful vibrancy and energy in contrast to some of Ken's more subtle compositions. Continued success on your musical journey.
 Sincerely, Barry Adelman

Name: Eugene Foley, re: Foley Entertainment, Inc.
Date: 8/13/06
Comments: Thanks for submitting your material for the evaluation.  I really enjoyed the music.  My highlights were the lead vocals and the lyrics.

But honestly, the project was solid across the board.  Also - the melodies were strong in both the verses AND the chorus, which is not something I see often!

I read more about you online and was impressed with your outstanding resumes.  I appplaud your efforts and congrats on everything that you have both accomplished. 

Thank you and continued best wishes,
Eugene Foley
Name: Doug & Sheila Glenn, re: Ken and Julie at Middletown Summer Concert Series at Festival Square
Date: 8/02/06
Comments: I just wanted to let you know that you 2 sounded just wonderful in your performances at the Middletown Arts Square on Wednesday night.  You both looked very tanned and you must have spent lots of time outdoors giving concerts recently!
Ken's songs were wonderful and the way you ended the concert was really a charm with some of my favorite songs of his.  My only regret was that you did not get a chance to sing the one song that was Sheila's favorite, that I also like very much also ... "Great Neck Farewell".
Please keep us posted on where you will be playing next !  We will enjoy listening our newly purchased cd of greek songs until we can hear you next where hopefully you will then perform "Great Neck Farewell" for us.
your fans always,
Doug & Sheila Glenn
Name: Amy Ober, re: "Songs from the Heart" Ken and Julie & The Eclectic Folk Project at Sullivan County Community College
Date: 7/23/06
Comments: I just wanted to let you both know how much we enjoyed your work.  While it didn't exactly come as a surprise that we love hearing both of you sing, the evening deepened our appreciation of both of your artistry.  We just loved the songs and, as we told Ken during the break, we feel that the songs are exceptional, and they really do grab you on the first listen.  We were particularly moved by your opening number, the song about the cruise, the song about the house in Great Neck (I didn't know there was another human being on the planet that gets as broken up by such losses as I do - but apparently there is!), the song about the lane, and the Timber Wolf song - and others too - and that is a lot of songs to have been so moved by at a first hearing.
It was a great show - we are prouder than ever to know you -Thanks for the lovely evening.

Name: Roanne Patterson/ Country House Arts Center
Date: 6/26/06 re: "Songs from Around the World" at Country House Arts Center
Comments: I know that I gave you many accolades on Sat night but let me reiterate. It was a magical night. ...upped my spirit for music and the bliss of the arts. Bless you both and thanks a thousand times.

Name: Christie E Tyler
Date: 6/01/06 re: Julie: "International Enchantments—Land Where the Good Songs Go"
I'm sending over a copy of my class asssignment from the past fall semester  to do an "Observation" of a current singer/performer, and I just wanted to share how much I appreciate what Julie, and you both, are doing. Scott and I are definitely fans, and hope to catch some of your upcoming gigs.
I feel very fortunate thtat I had your perfromances to attend in the last year, and use later on with this assignment. You seem to me an "inspired" and dedicated singer/ professional, and you are an "inspiration" to others, so please don't be shy about it.

In this concert, Julie sang several selections by herself and others in duet. They included in order of appearance: a duet from the "Marriage of Figaro" with Sarah, a French folk song, a Calypso song, 2 or 3 in folk duet with husband Ken, with Ken playing guitar, a Cradle song solo, and from Puccini’s "la Rondine" "Chi il bel sogno di Doretta".

Julie’s vocal technique seems somewhat flawless including the following: Placement of the throat was very much open, sound pouring through, she sang in the "mask" as her chiaroscuro is rich and full, and she could literally throw her voice to the back of the church with no problem (or seemingly anywhere.) Her sound came through in a dynamic mix of chest, middle, and head—they seemed to work together almost, not a large distinction, to my ears anyway. The vowels and consonants were nearly perfect, articulation was good, and her dynamics very lively and engaging. She demonstrated a full open range for breath control, and the musical phrasing was concise, easy to understand in all the different styles and languages. Her general vocal quality is full, open, brilliant, very inviting.

Julie’s visual presentation didn’t seem like a recital at all or staged. It appeared spontaneous and genuine. Her facial expressions were poised, but also open, and her overall body movement was graceful and conscious. She had full concert attire in a black whimsical dress with sculpted sleeves and sculpted skirt. Her make-up was apparent but not overdone—you could see her features and make out her expressions. Her communication (body language, etc.) was self-assured, and very confident and playful with the audience. Her solo pieces were deftly executed, with charm and liveliness. And her duets were likewise charming and she seemed part of the team, no longer just by herself. As for the stage overall, she owned it. She could move around in the "island" song as if she were on an island beach of sorts. And with the Puccini aria, you felt you might even be in Italy at La Scala, or some such. She had a gift of "transport" for each piece she rendered.

The outstanding positive aspects of Ms. Ziavras’s overall technique are:
  1. She is very at home with herself and on the stage.
  2. She can shift from different styles effortlessly.
  3. She is very confident with her audience, and engages them accordingly.
  4. Her beautiful voice and technique are very well-developed.
As for areas of work and development, I can only predict that this vocal artist will continue to grow and expand with her career, and conquer as many venues as she aspires to. She is a force to be reckoned with. I was very inspired to partake of this event, and she is a role model for me. I feel very blessed that I was able to meet her and her husband.

Name: Sophia James, re: Julie's CD "Greek Live"
Date: 5/26/06
Comments: It was delightful to get your note – the C.D. is terrific – I love it – the choices are great; the band is really good - all of them especially the piano and bouzouki.  If Hadjidakis were alive he would have personally chosen you to sing his songs.  I had met him about twenty years ago when I travelled to Greece with a new boyfriend who was a very close friend of his and we spent a lot of time with Manos - a really and truly lovely man. I have a lot of his records which he took out of his library and inscribed to me.  By the way my favorite of the composers is Xarchakos - the night I was so thrilled with your voice at the Greenwich benefit you sang some of my favorites of his at my request.  You were adorable.  The only drawback to the C.D. is that your presence and personality - which are  so fantastic - are  missing - of course there's nothing like a live performance.

Name: Mollie Muenzen, re: Ken & Julie CD "The Dream"
Date: 1/05/06
Comments: My cousin Diana (also my godmother) loves your CD.  It was her Christmas gift .. Her favorites were "Timber Wolf," "Falling Star," and "Friday...next to the Sea."  She wrote to me to thank me, and said that your voice is "thrillingly beautiful."  She said the songs were sensitive and beautiful, and that the guitar work was excellent. 

Name: Peggy Reber & Dennis Shapson
Date: 12/05/05 re: "International Enchantments", Annapolis Royale, Nova Scotia
Comments: We had the good fortune to hear you perform in Annapolis Royale, Nova Scotia this Septmeber. At that time we bought a copy of your CD "The Dream" and would now like to purchase two more copies to give as Christmas gifts to friends.
We wish you all the best and hope to see you again in Annapolis Royale next summer.

Name: Joe Olivo & Cindy Weiss, re: Mansion Concert for Friends of Music
Date: 11/19/05
Comments: My wife and I were at your performance last night and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Ken, your song lyrics were inspiring and in the case of "Civil Defense Drill", I knew Sr. Mary - she was my sixth grade teacher (but went by the name of Sr. Barbara)  Those in the audience who did not live in that time period (nor attend a Catholic elementary school) truly missed the humor of the lyrics.  Julie, your voice was soaring and sweet and the harmonies were excellent. We also enjoyed the classy guitar arrangements that fully compliment the lyrics.

I'm usually hesitant to buy the CD of performers that appear at the Mansion since they tend to have additional instrumentation that for me, detract from what was heard in concert.  I had a feeling that "The Dream" was going to be as close to what we heard and after listening to the CD, it was like being at the concert again.

Thanks for presenting the style of songs that we remember from my college days and I know we'll be seeing you again.

Name: MaryBeth Hraniotis, re: Julie as Rosalinda in "Die Fledermaus"
Date: 11/05/05
Comments: You were magnificent!  So great and full of life you were up there on a glorious evening...I attempted to see you following your performance, but alas, too many in the line and I felt the cool evening air was not good for your instrument, so I turned around and joined my husband for our exit... Congrats on a job well done--the space was so full of history, as I walked around during scene changes and read the walls, dating back to the 1700's.  Thank-you for a truly engaging and inspiring evening...
As a side note, my children were thrilled to hear that you both will be performing (at the Starlight Festival), as their favorite song of Kens is the "fire drill song"! and they wanted to know if that will be played...So great that my children remember your performance in Bloomingburg....If children can remember and name a piece, it is a testament to the depth of your work and how far reaching and touching it is.....
Good luck with all that you are doing and give my best to ken--your website is fantastic!
Name: Tom Haynes-Paton , Director Digby Glee Club, Nova Scotia
Date: 9/03/05 re: "International Enchantments", Annapolis Royale, Nova Scotia
Comments: How are my favourite folk duo?  It's a rainy day here on  St. Mary's Bay and I have your CD playing. Fantastic. Thanks so much for that, and signing it. I realize that one reason I so enjoy your music besides the clarity of tone in your noices,  is that I can understand the words!   And more important, they are worth understanding. Julie, I was totally blown away with your flemaco playing and singing with your guitar. I presume that the only reason you didn't include that in the concert was because of the other flemaco music on the program.  But next time I hope to hear that on stage. Very moving. Both concerts were excellent. From an audience standpoint, the Annapolis concert was tremendous.  The people were right with you. The Annapolis population is more sophisticated and could immediately get totally into the music and talent on stage, into the present, Broadway or no. 

Name: Jeanne Paff/ Board Newburgh Symphony, re: Julie as Rosalinda in "Die Fledermaus"
Date: 10/23/05
Comments: It was a wonderful show, Julie.  You were terrific.  I am glad, by chance, we chose the night that you were Rosalinda.  Lots of workwent into that show---thanks

Name: Nicolette Kerry, re: "Hadjidakis with Love", Marros Hall, Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour, Rye, NY
Date: 10/3/05
Comments: Thank you for a rewarding experience. I know that the people who attended enjoyed themselves immensely and were disappointed that more people weren't there to experience this wonderful evening!!  So the standards were kept (as I knew full well that you and Spiro & co. were excellent musicians)!  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!  I want to tell you how much I love your CDs - and especially the one folk CD with Ken - it is great!  I should tell you that a friend of mine who went to the concert (Athos - from Cyprus with a brother who is a psychiatrist no less - absolutely loved the folk CD....)!  Thanks again Julie for your wonderful performance and please thank Ken for his patience and his surperb sound control (I may want his expert opinion on what the church should do in Marros Hall as far as a sound system) and tell him how much we all enjoyed the folk cd!

Name: Bill Broas, re: Ken & Julie CD "The Dream"
Date: 10/13/05
Comments: Thank you Ken the music was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!  Had to hold a tear back a few times.  Got home early and just had to put the CD on.  I must admit it's the first time I have heard you.  It was great. Julie has one wonderful voiceand the two of you WOW!!!..  I will bring this cd back next week and I will buy a new one from you. Love it.

Name: Martin Zelnik, re: "September Songs" 9/17/05 Community Church of Wurtsboro
Date: 9/18/05
Comments: I chatted with both of you last night, including mentioning to Ken that I had listened to "The Dreams" CD while having the volume turned down on the Notre Dame- Michigan football game.  It made the afternoon most enjoyable, especially when I saw that Michigan won in overtime.  All kidding aside, I did enjoy The Dream and your performace last night in the September Songs.

Name: Norm Sabowitz, re: International Enchantments, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Date: 08/31/05
Comments:   Greetings and thanks to the entire company of Broadway Direct for your superbly eclectic Halifax performance!  Attending the show turned out to be the best advice I ever got from Marty--and he's given me some pretty good advice over the years. From folk music to Mozart to Gershwin to Kern to Offenbach (with some Chopin thrown in, if I remember correctly some painful sessions at the Third Street Music Settlement.)  And the addition of a couple of Flamenco performers was an inspiration.  Now there's a concept: The Flamenco of New Scotland.  (I should have gone in to advertising.)  Also, I was glad to learn that Mahler had a sense of humour--who knew? I wish you all continued success and joy in your collective career.  And I look forward to meeting you again. Oh, one more thing:  please--oh, pretty please--give us a CD of operatic duets by Julie and Sarah! --Norm

Name: Frank Farmlett Red Door Studio-recording Studio
Date: 10/06/05 re: Greek Heritage Music & Arts Festival 6/11/05, Catskill Arts Society
Comments: I finally got around to finishing the recording I made of you at the Catskill Art Society on June 11, 2005, and I would like to send it to you.The music touches me deeply, sometimes bringing tears to my eyes; especially the "hospitality" song, the "one salty tear" song, "The Road of Dreams", the song with the bouzouki takseem, and the song about the girl taken away to a harem.   The songs have so much heart and feeling.   The bouzouki reminds me of the way my father used to play the mandolin.

Re: "The Dream"
An eclectic mix, some sad, some serious, some hilarious; but all unified by a consistent style.   I think Ken must have been an Irish fisherman in a previous life. 

Name: Beth McCrink, re: Greenwood Grind, Greenwood Lake
Date: 06/28/05
Comments: I must say, you were fantastic here on Saturday. You & Ken are so entertaining. Loved your songs, your stage presence & grace. Best of luck with your new CD - The Dream. I am sure it will prove to be a huge success. I hope to see you again soon and please know, there is always a stage here for you! Take Care, Beth

Name: Kip Kyprianou, re: Greek program of Xarchakos & Rembetika at Stamford, CT
Date: 06/20/05
Comments: It was a pleasure hearing you and seeing you yesterday. Your singing truly moves my soul. I wasn’t trying to be flattering; my comment came from the heart. Before I started to come to Acroama, I frequent Microcosmos for a while, I didn’t care for it. One visit to Acroama and I was totally captivated. It wasn’t just your voice, it was also music that you sang; eclectic, tasteful; just like yesterday. You sing what I love; the music of Greece’s great composers, Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, Xarhakos, Markopoulos, Savopoulos. I love Kostas Hatzis, though it is not for his voice but for his lyrics and music. I like poetic music; music that has a meaning and a message, music and poetry that talks about freedom, justice, poverty, and love. You sing with great passion. As you sang watched your face, your expressions, your smile, your body language; you felt the lyrics, you felt the music; it was as if the words meant something to you.

After I learned that Acroama was closed, I inquired about you and the place, hoping that you moved to a different location. I was told that you were touring Greece, giving concerts. Though I did not know it to be true for sure, I felt good knowing you during your humble beginnings. You have great talent, a voice that parallels the well known vocalists of Greece, Maria Farantouri and Nana Mouskouri. You have a gift, a voice of great purity, clarity and range, a soprano as talented and skillful as Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand; vocalists I admire.

No more compliments; regardless how true they may be, just a great big THANK YOU for yesterday’s concert. I am usually very reserved and I don’t pay compliments often; what I said to you though was effortless. The words just poured out. I tend to be critical, and judgmental; you and your group were perfect. I wish you all the best and great success.

Name: Eric Benjamin Gordon
Date: 05/28/05 re: Ken & Julie at Bodles
Comments: I wanted to tell you two straight away that I had a wonderful time at Bodles, tonight.  One of the things that I feel I can depend upon from the local music world is a truly awesome performance from the two of you.  The longer you keep it up, the more satisfied
people like me will be. Here's the pictures.  Hope you like them, because I sure do. Take care, and good luck with your future performances.

Name: Marylouise Grimm
Date: 05/09/05 re: Ken and Julie CD Release Party
Comments: You sure throw one hell of a party! Thank you!
So nice to gather for a fun evening with good friends & great music & outrageously good grub! You out did yourself!
Congratulations on the completion of a best seller cd! I listened to it all the way home to Pa. today! I love the final cd cover-you guys look grrreat!

Name: Kathy & Jim Morgan
Date: 05/12/05 re: Ken and Julie CD
Comments: Well......must say, it's the most relaxing and entertaining afternoon I've had in a long time!  You two are just absolute magic together!  There is nothing else I can say.  I'm speechless.  Jim is going to love it when he hears it.
     Looking forward to seeing you at Bodles.  I'm certainly going to have to hear more of Julie.  Sends chills right down through and back again.  Can't pick a favorite, they're all unique.  This is even better than hearing  'Dead Skunk' and 'Amy', combined!!!  ha!
    Best to you both and much success.

Name: Kaarlo Hentilla
Date: 05/09/05 re: Ken and Julie CD
Comments: I dropped Mollie off at Newark airport this morning and had a chance to listen to your CD on the way back. I just want to say that I think that every song on it is beautifully done. This CD will be cherished by Mollie and myself and by many others I'm sure.

Name: Barbara Navarro re: Ken and Julie CD Release Party
Date: 05/08/05
Comments: You and Ken hosted the most beautiful party to celebrate the release of your new CD.  Wow!!!!! This time I am at a loss for words to express how I felt watching both of you perform, the love in your eyes and in that room, your humbleness and passion for your work, such exuberance!!!!  Your voice so outstanding - superb  relaying the words to Ken's songs which are so genuine and sincere. Both blessed with such talent .   What an awesome duo :) you have become.

Name: Joe Malfatone re: Ken and Julie "Limited Edition" CD
Date: 12/29/04
Comments: I just wanted to drop you guys a line to tell you that I borrowed your recent CD and listened to it.  I really enjoyed it very much!!  My favorite song on it is "Take Me (For What I Am). As I listened, I guess the best way to put it is to say that no truer lyrics were ever sung. I really like the vocals as well as the guitar arrangements. I hope the two of you will be making more CDs in the near future, and I hope to catch you guys performing out somewhere soon. Great stuff and keep up the good work.

Name: Mollie Muenzen re: Marriage of Figaro
Date: 10/06/04
Comments: You should be very, very proud of your wonderful performance as the Countess.  You were perfect in the role and sounded glorious.  You did great on your lines, too! I enjoyed helping you with that.  Claudia seems like an amazing person--so gracious and talented.  Your Figaro, Susanna and Marchellina were also marvelous. 
Date: 10/11/04 re: Marriage of Figaro
Comments: We went away and I  did not get the opportunity to tell you how much we enjoyed Marriage of Figaro.  It was just marvelous and you were terrific. Thanks for being a part of the intro of opera to Orange County.

Name: Bob Campbell re: Marriage of Figaro
Date: 10/05/04
Comments: Thanks. It was wonderful and fun and I fully enjoyed it. I was thrilled to be there to hear and see you perform in an opera. It was great to see a full house showing there is a demand for opera in Orange County. I hope there are many more operas performed locally.
Name: Anne (Karadontes) Maus/ Stained Glass Artist re: Performance at Peez Leweez
Date: 8/15/04
Comments: I am still on a high today from your performance and our chat before and after your show last night at Peez Leweez.  Your singing and music is stunning and you are Blessed with enormous talent that you are so willing to share.  I'm glad we got to know each other better and look forward to your next performance - most likely at the Taverna in October.

Name: Spiro Cardamis/ Greek composer re: Evening at Satalla, NYC
Date: 6/16/04
Comments: Julaki....THANK you for your invaluable, irreplaceable offer at my show at Satalla.
NEW MILLENNIUM sounded fantastic & so did HYMN OF THOUGHT.....You are getting better & better & better & better & better .......for spirit knows no boundaries..you go girl...filia & lots of love from your pal ....spiro

Name: Joe Pickering/ lyricist: Baseball Songs, Sports Heroes
Date: 6/07/04
Comments: You and your husband's webpage is wonderful! Beautiful haunting music. I loved the music on www.kenandjulie.com  It is great, no...it is heartfelt and has a sense of wonder about it. 
Name: Howard Garrett / Grand Montgomery Chamber Music Series
Date: 5/18/04 re: Greek program at Arts Alliance
Comments: Your performance and the performance of your colleagues was remarkably superb.  That Greek music is in your soul. You are so fortunate not only to be blessed with one of the major soprano voices in the world, but also with heart to live every word you sing.  And you are also lucky to be married to a really nice guy who writes terrific songs and knows how to sing them.

Name: Barbara Navarro
Date: 4/25/04 re: An afternoon of songs in Spanish by Paula Mlyn
Comments: You never cease to amaze me.  You were truly magnificent Sunday with your performance in Spanish.  You sounded as if you came from Spain and did such an outrageous portrayal.  Bravo !!!!  Your voice sends chills throughout my body and I can listen to you in any language, any genre.  I love hearing you sing/perform.  Paula also has a beautiful voice and she gave such an excellent performance.  I love the Bongos and he too gave an amazing performance.  Ken created a wonderful background with the guitar too.  Breathtaking - all of it.  

Name: Mollie Muenzen
Date:4/25/04 re: An afternoon of songs in Spanish by Paula Mlyn
Comments: Again, I want to express to you how wonderful your performance was today.  Your voice and stage presence were superb, and Paula's lovely songs are perfect for you.  When you sang together it was absolute beauty. Ken's guitar work enhanced the show, as did the wonderful percussionist.  What a great amount of talent was up on that stage today!  I am truly in awe of Paula.  If you could give me her address I would appreciate it, so I can send her a note expressing our admiration.  She said she would give you a CD for me that has the song that made us all cry. 

Name: Martha Krall re: An afternoon of songs in Spanish by Paula Mlyn
Date: 4/25/04
Comments: Thank you so much for the most wonderful afternoon!!  The music, words, voices, brought tears to my eyes.  Paula sings beautiful and Julie your spanish is just incredible.   Muchas gracias desde el fondo de mi corazon.  Paula and you most get together and record a CD.Hope to see you very soon!!  Have a great week.  Martha Krall

Name: Astrid & Horst Volmann re: Bodles show
Date: 2/15/04
Comments: We had a great evening at Bodles and enjoyed your performance tremendously! Ken's songs are so poetic and we hope more and more people will become aware of your talents and enjoy your music.We are sending you both our heartfelt greeting.

Name: Barbara Navarro re: Bodles show
Date: 2/10/04
Comments: You and Ken were outstanding despite his laryngitis and soreness and of course, the good ole weather situation.   Your choices of songs were superb and your voice was outstanding as usual and I always appreciate the "Dylan" song.  When you sing Great Neck Farewell - I always tear up as you do.....stunning.  Ken is a truly sensitive writer yet he also adds some humor and light-heartedness which adds to a great performance.You have become quite the "entertainers" and put on the most awesome show.  

Name: Jeanne Paff- Board of Newburgh Symphony re: Montgomery classical recital
Date: 1/21/04
Comments: We really enjoyed your concert last Sunday.  The 3 of you seemed to enjoy all your "work".  We took a friend and she was thrilled.  Thank you so much for just being such a down-to-earth you and for staying in our area and sharing your wonderful voice. 

Name: Irene Karteri re: "Joy to the World" concert with the Festival Theater of NY
Date: 12/23/03
Comments: Dearest Julie, I was thrilled to see you and hear you perform at Sunday's concert!  Your crystalline voice made the glass windows of this historic church vibrate, as it did the hearts of those fortunate to hear you perform by attending this treasured concert.  Thank you for inviting us, giving us the opportunity to be part of this rare event.
I had not discovered your website until now that you directed me to it through your webpage link.  The picture of you and Ken is great looking, and the home page is welcoming and attractive.  I'll take a tour, hear your and Ken's music, read the song lyrics, and discover your new CD.  Congratulations, Julie, on your newest recording, "Simply Mavroudis!"  I'd like to buy a CD for us and a few more as gifts. Congratulations, again, and may the new year inspire more recordings, more professional success, and lots of love and joy for you and Ken.

Name: Don Slepian re: Art Music Coffeehouse
Date: 11/21/03
Could we host the two of you for our March 3rd show?  Your music together is truly wonderful! Your performance with Spiro is up in our archives section - the recording came out very well.  I will be sending audio CDs to Spiro shortly.  It was a great musical night.

Name: Betty Altman / Folk singer, re: Sanctuary Coffeehouse
Date: 10/19/03
Comments: Dear Ken and Julie, I was present for your show last night at the UU and I just wanted to let you know how moved I was. Your guitar work was synchronized and your voices blended like 2 seagulls flying parallel. I had a lump in my throat when Julie sang the song about her old house. I grew up in West Islip, LI and I also miss my old home....But I sat back and took it all in and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. It was such a treat for my ears and my soul. I wish you both the best of luck together musically as well as in your life journey. I long for the kind of connection you two have... and it was such a special thing to witness it and fell connected to your songs. Please keep me posted on upcoming performances and gatherings.Great job songwriting, too!!!!
Peace and harmony, Betty Altman

Name: Petros Hatjopoulos /pianist /composer
Date: 10/20/03
Comments: Guys, this is beautiful music you 've created and so lovingly and classily and awesomely performed, I really am honored to be your friend and colleague.

Spiros Cardamis / Greek composer
Date: 10/24/03
Comments: Ela Julie...KALH ARXH......POLY SYMPATHITIKO KAI ZESTO WEBSITE.......Great reviews.....KALH SYNEXEIA!!! Thanx for the link.......Congrats to you & Ken.....keep it up guys!!
Plz tell Ken I loved his unassuming poetry ,very troubadourlike...LOvvvved the "#3. Take Me For What I Am" compact,to the heart of the matter& so poetic!! & troubadourishHHHH!!!......also the explanations liven up the site.........the song introducing your website is PERFECT.......It really welcomes the viewer plus defining your essence.....good job!

Name: Rachel Bertoni / Bertoni Gallery
Date: 10/24/03
Comments: Just thought I'd let you guys know I got you in the Warwick Advertiser this week.  I sent out press releases and photos and they picked you up.  I'll see if I can get or at least show you a copy.  You'll get a kick out of what I wrote! Thanks again for helping us make our event in Sugar Loaf a success.  You were the hit of the show!  No kidding!

Date: 11/13/10

Name: Howard Garrett / Grand Montgomery Chamber Music Series, re: website
Date: 10/30/03
Comments: Really very nice and professional.. Congratulations- I am going to forward it to my kids and some friends. 

Name: Rochelle Serlin
Date: 11/11/03
Comments: I have never missed Julie Ziavras's concerts in NY and I always enjoyed her unique style, her pure vocal sound, her exquisite training, woven into a fine tapestry of both historical, classical Greek renditions-yet keeping the contemporary heart in mind as well. Her classical training, her command of the guitar, and voice is a thrill to listen to. This CD captures the soul of the poetry of the Ancient Greek Heritage exemplified by Mavroudis, as well as the voice and sound of neo-classical hearts of all mankind. One doesn't have to even understand the language to experience the feeling. The melody and translations included personifies the experience. Her voice leaves one breathless. Congratulations, Julie, you certainly did it again. Bravo, Julie, Bravo!!!

Name: Bob DeGraw / Mane Event Productions
Date: 11/03
Comments: It was great to see your beautiful mugs on the web, and to see that you included some of our accolades and our link. I listened to your (Greek) songs last night, and "Love Ode" stood out as a personal favorite.  Because I am not personally familiar with this style of music it did take quite a bit of time to research, but it was worth it.  I listened to a lot more than just you, and I found a lot of good Greek music on the Internet, which helped me to form an opinion.  For most of the CD you seem to be pretty faithful in your use of traditional instruments; where I think I noticed the greatest difference between yours and other similar recordings was in your vocal style. Yours is smoother and more melodic.  I found your voice to be silkier, more engaging and sweeter to my ear.
O.K., that's enough, but thank you for producing such a magnificent product.  I hope that it will receive the attention that it deserves. Best success.

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