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Ken DeAngelis

"...the folk world should keep a weather eye open for DeAngelis' future compositions; he may well become the rudder for the next generation of contemporary American folk songwriters." (Cindy Hill,
Singer/songwriter Ken DeAngelis, studied music, accordion and songwriting at an early age, teaching himself guitar and harmonica. His original songs, which often describe personal experiences, are recognized for their distinctive style, universality, originality and his unique guitar flat and fingerpicking styles. His voice has been described as "smooth and velvety" and his songs as "provocative and heartfelt". "DeAngelis demonstrates remarkable breadth and technical skill, avoiding the rote sameness that many singer-songwriters fall into…the keys and chord progressions vary widely, with themes and pace running from the silly to the sublime," (Cindy Hill, making his music expressive, "vivid and riveting." (Richard Ross, The River Reporter)

Ken has been featured on radio, at numerous song festivals and has won awards at song competitions. Ken has made television appearances including the "Cavalcade of Stars" telethon to aid A.H.R.C. and has been heard live on radio programs performing his original compositions. He has performed with the " Fast Folk" organization of NYC and has shared the stage with prominent artists in the folk scene such as Pete Seeger, Cliff Eberhardt, Artie and Happy Traum, Richard Schindell, blues artist Savoy Brown, among others. He has performed at the Fourth of July "Star Spangled Spectacular Celebration", the Warwick Apple Fest, Bodles Opera House, The Paramount Theater, The Arden House, The Puffin Cultural Forum, The Riverfest, The Grand Montgomery Chamber Music Series, Lycian Theater, Mohonk Mountain House, Storm King Arts Center, The Seelig Theater (Sullivan County Community College), Warwick Valley Winery, Donnell Library, NYC, New Rochelle Public Library, Merkin Hall, American Cancer Society fund-raiser, Washington, DC, the Year of the Rabbit, MD and for the Friends of Music Mansion Series. His music has been heard on webcasts with The Art Music Coffeehouse, RelaxRadio, Perth, Australia and on Ellopia TV in Greece. Ken and Julie have been recipients of the New York State Council of the Arts Grants.

In 2005, Ken & Julie completed a concert tour of Nova Scotia with Broadway Concerts Direct, for which they performed their music in theaters in six cities in Nova Scotia. Also in 2005, "Ken & Julie" released their debut recording entitled "The Dream", featuring 16 of Ken’s original songs.
"The Dream" is part of the distinguished Peace Autograph Project collection at the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in the Republic of Uzbekistan. (see: Guestbook, 7/11/07 entry). In 2007, Ken's song "Civil Defense Drill" was selected amongst submissions from all over the globe to be included in an anthology entitled "Protest Songs For A Better World", a collection of original songs with themes for an improved earth, available at

Ken arranges, produces, performs on and records albums for other artists at his studio with JAZ Music Productions, Inc. In 2007, Ken arranged, produced, played guitar, accordion and provides backup vocals on Richard Flanders' debut album of "Yonderings", a collection of classic coyboy songs. The work has been highly praised for both Flanders' vocals as well as the "fresh, authentic and lushly textured renderings" which are "clearly inflenced (by) but not copying the(ir) style"of the Sons of the Pioneers. Their interpretation of "Blue Prarie" won best song of the year 2008 by the Academy of Western Artists. He recently recorded and produced an album for jazz singer/pianist/songwriter Alice Shane entitled "Out of the Blue." His second collaboration with Rich Flanders, "Ride Away" completed in 2009, features two original songs which Ken penned for the album.

Ken's Reviews
"A collection of wholly original works is an awesome undertaking, and DeAngelis demonstrates remarkable breadth and technical skill, avoiding the rote sameness that many singer-songwriters fall into when stacking one composition after another. The keys and chord progressions vary widely, with themes and pace running from the silly (like 'Civil Defense Drill,' a tongue-in-cheek fond remembrance of those childhood under-the-desk exercises those of us over 40 all recall) to the sublime. Ziavras' classically trained soprano rings particularly true on DeAngelis' aching ballads like 'Great Neck Farewell,' yet blends well with DeAngelis' folky alto in vocally complex weaves on 'Timber Wolf.' The duo is joined by a handful of musician friends; Steve Bernstein's mandolin work and Elana Myers' cello strains in particular add depth and diversity to the disc.

The pure talent of DeAngelis and Ziavras combine to generate some real gems, sparkling with energy and life. 'Splash,' 'Hanging on to Every Word,' and 'Friday Next to the Sea' are all heartfelt additions to the folk genre that are likely to find themselves worked into other performer's repertoires around the folk festival circuit.

... all the elements are here for a highly successful folk music future for Ken and Julie: love, energy, songwriting talent, two great and diverse voices, and a community of talented musical friends ready to jump in and fill out the sound. Singer-songwriters would be well advised to listen carefully to this disc and learn how to keep their sound fresh and interesting over the course of a full-length set of original pieces; dj's for folk and college stations looking for fresh material will find plenty of play-worthy pieces amidst the sixteen tracks. And the folk world should keep a weather eye open for DeAngelis' future compositions; he may well become the rudder for the next generation of contemporary American folk songwriters."
Cindy Hill for

"The songs were effectively expressive of human emotions and experiences set to fresh music. Singing together, the couple followed the rhythmic voyage of a ship in ‘The Dream,’ the glowing tones of a child's loss in ‘Timber Wolf,’ a love story through letters in ‘The Journal,’ ‘Great Neck Farewell,’ a nostalgic ballad and a playful dialogue of lovers in ‘Take Me for What I Am.’ Ziavras responded to the standing ovation with another DeAngelis ballad, ‘Falling Star’, which he joined in singing with her." -Dr. James F. Cotter, Times Herald Record

"One of the many musicians who knocked me out with talent at the Pine Bush Coffeehouse was Ken DeAngelis. His touching story song about a childhood friend, "Billy and Me", hushed the packed room as listeners hung on his every word...Together they make wonderfully detailed music that features evocative lyrics, lovely harmonies and melodies that stay with you long after you hear them."-Steve Israel, Times Herald Record

"Ken DeAngelis writes music and lyrics that focus on critical events in people's lives; events that will end in tragedy or growth. His songs take listeners through an emotional journey. Ken & Julie perform these songs as a beautiful and lyrical story of life." -John Hiller, Producer Broadway Concerts Direct.

"DeAngelis’ original music tells stories with poetic intent." -Chris Farlekas, Times Herald Record

"...a pair of delightful composer/folksingers...Their eclectic selections of original songs featured gentle harmony and beautiful resonance. Their lilting songs filled the café and captivated the audience. Each song had a story or connection to it that made their short set vivid and riveting. One of these included an original by Ken called “The Dream,” a great rendition of “The Kid” and a song that was written to commemorate Ken’s long-overdue cruise to the Bahamas. That tune, entitled “Splash” was named after a Canadian band he met while on board. They concluded with a beautiful duet called “Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love.”
-Richard Ross, The River Reporter

"Ken’s original compositions are poignant and touch the heart." -Bodles Opera House

" Ken is quite introspective, and given to a calm melancholy… and all of his music is given to great compassion." -Theatre of the Local Hero

"…a tune that he wrote called "The Dream" Wonderfully done. - sweet vocals - nice harmonies by Ken - quite melodic …a passionate performer." -Restoration Coffeehouse

"Ken is among the best of the Hudson Valley singer/songwriters". -Mane Productions


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