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"…an estimable vocalist is adding new tone and color in the heart of Greenwich Village…a pretty vocalist with a silvery voice. She held the spotlight alone, by way of introduction. Cradling her guitar, Miss Ziavras sang a variety of Greek numbers, plaintive to rhythmic, then rounded out the set with a group of English folk ballads."
Harold Thompson- New York Times

"Greek may be foreign to most of our ears, but Julie Ziavras' lovely, liquid voice expresses feelings of love, longing and wonder that don't need translation, although the translations are provided on the liner notes. And the music, featuring a small orchestra, may include such Greek styles as rebetika and hasapiko, but it's as haunting and universal as the sound of a lonely violin".
Steve Isreal- Times Herald Record

"Ziavras masters the most difficult instrument. Soprano Julie Ziavras wowed her Montgomery listeners with her versatile voice and the variety of her repertoire from opera to folk songs…It was Ziavras, however, who highlighted the afternoon with her warm and compelling voice, appealing presence and wide range of repertoire… Opera, art songs, lieder, contemporary music written especially for her, poetry and folk songs offered ample evidence of her dramatic sense of style and personable interpretations…She sang more than 20 songs in six languages and poured her full energy into each number with virtuosity and verve…Ziavras has enjoyed great success as a singer of Greek folk songs. The next set of five songs explored the melancholy strains of "A Bright Day For Us,Too", the patriotic plea of "Where is God?" and the traditional hospitality of "Bread is on the Table" and the tender affection of "Road of Dreams" and "Your Name". High notes of pathos, lilting phrases and poetic imagery, marked by mandolin trills, captured the spirit of Greece in these works by Stavros Xarchakos, Manos Hadjidakis and Mikis Theodorakis".
Dr. James F. Cotter- The Times Herald Record

"But, the strings would be vapid without the incredible voice; a siren who summoned my spirit onto the rocks of musical ecstasy."
Armond Blackwater -The Gods Of Music

"The dreamlike rendition of Julie Ziavras makes us feel the waves of her voice, which makes the spirit airborne. What can one say…how can one describe the voice of a swallow?"
Dimitri Romvou -Greek National Herald

"It was the most fantastic voice I had ever heard from the Greek community…her performance was direct and sensitive…she has the rare characteristic of consistency in her voice…may she continue to sing with the same conscientiousness and dedication so that those of us who recognize quality song may continue to enjoy her…"
-Eseis Magazine

"…sensitive, sexy, magnificently creative, her rendition of one nostalgic Greek folk song simply took my breath away."
-Spyros Orfanos, GABSI Magazine

"She cultivates an intimate rapport with her audience, and this is the true test of a real interpreter-the way she 'works' this intimate communication with those across from her."
-Greek National Herald

"She has an incredibly powerful and beautiful voice."
-Bodles Opera House

"Only in a few instances, perhaps that can only be counted on one hand, that a rare something else--perhaps unbelievable-can be used to describe the qualities of a true artist…who distinguishes herself so strongly, that she is in a different singular class of her own. A voice so multi-facteted and ethereal that when she sings she takes you with her climbing the stairs of the angels."
-Proini /The Greek American

"The finale was amazing with soprano Julie Ziavras in the role of Ririka. Sung with appropriate gusto."
-Greek News

"Lowell was filled with Greek music and quality song" - front page Ethnikos Kyrix (Greek National Herald Nov. 7, 2016)

"The audience enjoyed the great soprano Julie Ziavras... who with her melodious voice in a recital of songs whose music and messages are timeless, thrilled the audience which was attended by people of letters, associations and representatives of the social and professional community."
-Dimitris Moustakis, H Efimerida tis Nea Yorkis, Oct. 22, 2016

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