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Julie Ziavras
Greek Audience Feedback

Audience feedback about Julie Ziavras sings"Simply Mavroudis":

5 out of 5 starsLovely vocals and beautiful music!
author: virgo
I like this alot. Thank you. Very gorgeous music...and not typical music.

5 out of 5 starsAwesome music, incredible voice of Julie Ziavras
author: Maria
A hidden gem was this cd that I was lucky to find by chance. Of course I am familiar with the music of Mavroudis which I collect, but on this cd the awesome surprise was the collaboration of his music with Julie's incredible voice. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

5 out of 5 stars Outstanding music with an incredible vocal by Julie Ziavras
Reviewer: Efrosine
If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. I had never heard of Julie Ziavras and just fell into this CD by accident. What an incredible voice she has and the music as lovely as could be. This CD is being recommended to all of my friends who are interested in quality. BRAVO!!!! Efrosine

5 out of 5 stars Outstanding! Superb voice and music. One of Julie's best classical Greek CD's-
Reviewer: Rochelle Ann Serlin (Rosalea)
I have never missed Julie Ziavras's concerts in NY and I always enjoyed her unique style, her pure vocal sound, her exquisite training, woven into a fine tapestry of both historical, classical Greek renditions-yet keeping the contemporary heart in mind as well. Her classical training, her command of the guitar, and voice is a thrill to listen to. This CD captures the soul of the poetry of the Ancient Greek Heritage exemplified by Mavroudis, as well as the voice and sound of neo-classical hearts of all mankind. One doesn't have to even understand the language to experience the feeling. The melody and translations included personifies the experience. Her voice leaves one breathless. Congratulations, Julie, you certainly did it again. Bravo, Julie, Bravo!!!

Name: Sophia James
Date: 5/17/09 re: Hellenic Music Foundation "Mousikes Anamnisis"
You were thrilling to hear yesterday – my friend and I think it is worth a long trip to hear you do Boheme... just wanted you to know my friend also loved the voices, especially yours, and she is a frequent concert and opera aficionado she may come with me to Boheme.

Name: R. Steffas
Date: 2/22/08 Re: Julie's Greek cruise
You sing like a poulaki!  You also sound like Nana Maskouri - I'm sure you have been told that.

I'm so sorry I didn't take the time to introduce myself to you on the cruise - although we had 20 from Cleveland, some did not always appear because of our dinner time. I, personally, not only  enjoyed your singing but enjoyed dancing  as well. I look forward to hearing you sing again. Thank you.

Name: Katia Zallas, President, Hellic Music Foundation
Date: 11/18/07 Re: Julie's concert with Serafim Lazos
I want to congratulate you and Lazo for the wonderful concert at Stathakion last Sunday. It was a great pleasure listening to both of you interpret all those beautiful Greek songs.
Yesterday I finished listening to your entire CD.  Your voice is so wonderful.  So warm and so musical.  You have a BEAUTIFUL voice Julie and you should do more CD's so that people can enjoy this beautiful talent of yours every single day.  Of course more concerts too.
Again congratulations.  It is a pleasure to listen to your singing.

Name: Sophia James
Date: 5/26/06 re: Julie's CD "Greek Live"
It was delightful to get your note – the C.D. is terrific – I love it – the choices are great; the band is really good - all of them especially the piano and bouzouki.  If Hadjidakis were alive he would have personally chosen you to sing his songs.  I had met him about twenty years ago when I travelled to Greece with a new boyfriend who was a very close friend of his and we spent a lot of time with Manos - a really and truly lovely man. I have a lot of his records which he took out of his library and inscribed to me.  By the way my favorite of the composers is Xarchakos - the night I was so thrilled with your voice at the Greenwich benefit you sang some of my favorites of his at my request.  You were adorable.  The only drawback to the C.D. is that your presence and personality - which are  so fantastic - are  missing - of course there's nothing like a live performance.

Name: Frank Farmlett Red Door Studio-recording Studio
Date: 10/06/05 re: Greek Heritage Music & Arts Festival 6/11/05, Catskill Arts Society
The music touches me deeply, sometimes bringing tears to my eyes; especially the "hospitality" song, the "one salty tear" song, "The Road of Dreams", the song with the bouzouki takseem, and the song about the girl taken away to a harem.   The songs have so much heart and feeling.   The bouzouki reminds me of the way my father used to play the mandolin.

Name: Kip Kyprianou
Date: 06/20/05 re: Greek program of Xarchakos & Rembetika at Stamford, CT
Comments: It was a pleasure hearing you and seeing you yesterday. Your singing truly moves my soul. I wasn’t trying to be flattering; my comment came from the heart. Before I started to come to Acroama, I frequent Microcosmos for a while, I didn’t care for it. One visit to Acroama and I was totally captivated. It wasn’t just your voice, it was also music that you sang; eclectic, tasteful; just like yesterday. You sing what I love; the music of Greece’s great composers, Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, Xarhakos, Markopoulos, Savopoulos. I love Kostas Hatzis, though it is not for his voice but for his lyrics and music. I like poetic music; music that has a meaning and a message, music and poetry that talks about freedom, justice, poverty, and love. You sing with great passion. As you sang watched your face, your expressions, your smile, your body language; you felt the lyrics, you felt the music; it was as if the words meant something to you.

After I learned that Acroama was closed, I inquired about you and the place, hoping that you moved to a different location. I was told that you were touring Greece, giving concerts. Though I did not know it to be true for sure, I felt good knowing you during your humble beginnings. You have great talent, a voice that parallels the well known vocalists of Greece, Maria Farantouri and Nana Mouskouri. You have a gift, a voice of great purity, clarity and range, a soprano as talented and skillful as Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand; vocalists I admire.

No more compliments; regardless how true they may be, just a great big THANK YOU for yesterday’s concert. I am usually very reserved and I don’t pay compliments often; what I said to you though was effortless. The words just poured out. I tend to be critical, and judgmental; you and your group were perfect. I wish you all the best and great success.

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